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What type of quilting should I choose?

Types of quilting can include an overall edge-to-edge pattern on the whole quilt, an edge-to-edgepattern in the center of the quilt plus a border pattern(s) in the border(s) or custom quilting wherepatterns are placed in specific blocks, borders, sashing, etc.

Edge-to-Edge patterns are frequently used when:

-The quilt will be used heavily or washed frequently.

-Fabrics are so busy or so interesting that they are the main feature and it would be hard tosee the quilting no matter what pattern and thread is used.

-A special theme that may or may not be in the fabrics is desired.

-The quilter wants to draw less attention to the piecing.

Custom quilting:

-Allows for a different type of creativity (patterns can be matched to blocks or other specificshapes / places, names, sayings or other text can be part of the quilting, different threadcolors can be used in specific places, etc.)

-Can highlight the piecing of the quilt (but can also draw more attention to less accuratepiecing)

-Can use coordinating patterns in borders, blocks, etc.

-Is often (but not always) more densely quilted 

-Usually gives more of the “heirloom” look

Do you create quilts from start to finish?

Do you do restoration quilts?

We do not do quilt restoration. We are, however able to do the quilting on antique quilts.

What if I don't live in your area? Shipping Policy

We gladly accept quilts from anywhere around the world. Please note return shipping to locations outside the US will be charged overseas shipping. 

Return Shipping of your quilt will be made by USPS Priority mail. Cost will be included in your final payment. Quilt will be shipped upon receipt of final payment.

What's your refund & return policy?

Because Corbett Designs performs a service, refunds will not be offered. However, if there is a issue, we will do our best to resolve it.


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